Description of challenges

1- Combined competition in pool

Show off your diving skills, technical and tactical abilities, and your psychophysical skills in this combined competition in a circuit inside a swimming pool.  VIDEO

2- Underwater photography challenge:

Two dives at sea: dedicated exclusively to enjoy the dive and take images. In addition, and contributing to this challenge, you can take extra pictures during the other dives in the event. At the end, each team will present a collection of underwater pictures.



3- Buoyancy challenge with shifting of weights

One dive at sea: in this part of the competition, each team's ability to control buoyancy will be put to the test. During this challenge, an object will be transported to a certain distance with the aid of a baloon.



4- Multilevel diving with underwater computer:

Two multilevel dives at sea:  in this challenge, divers will have to show their skills in multilevel dives. Each team will be given different dive depth profiles which they have to do, all the while enjoying the underwater world around them.

 5- Underwater scooter challenge:

One dive at sea with a scooter: the competition takes place in a marked out circuit. The challenge requires a very good control of buoyancy combined with being able to use the underwater scooter and underwater orientation. You've read that correctly: scuba diving competition with a scooter, why not?



This being the first edition of this competition (the "pilot"), the organization reserves the possibility of modifying the described challenges, even adding or removing, in order to adapt them to the expectations of the participants and sponsors, as well as to the logistics and weather conditions. 

All sea dives will take place in the best diving spots of Ibiza.


    For further information contact with us


To promote the SCUBATHLON ® event, we are looking for partners. 

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