We're located in Playa den Bossa. Click on the google link below to see the map or if you trust our guidance, here it goes:


We're located between Ushuaia Hotel (in front of Aguamar) and Bora Bora, at the building called "Edificio Acapulco", on a pedestrian street that goes to the beach.

If you're coming from the beach, you'll see the restaurants "Beach Club Lips" and "WHITE", and between them is a small passage. We're right behind them.
If you're coming from the street, from the airport it's the second stret after Ushuaia, same block as the restaurant "Dunes". From Ibiza, it's the second street after Bora Bora.

If with these indications you still have trouble finding us, please do call (+34 971303915 or 665139198). Or even easier, we offer a free pick-up service for those who are located in the areas of Playa den bossa to Ibiza/San José. Especially for those of you carrying heavy equipment, don't hesitate in asking us for help.

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