The longest stretch of sand on the island, measuring 2 kilometers long. The beach is also only 3.1 kilometers from Ibiza town and 3.4km from the Island’s main airport.

Wind related activities are best in early and late summer around the beacher of Ibiza as the south wind (The Scirroco) and the West Wind (Mistral) pick up. Water temperatures also hover around 25ºC (77ºF) so nothing else is necessary in the summer months beside boarshorts


What to do in Ibiza?


As a watersports and diving center, obviously we’ll recommend exploring the sea. The temperatures and crystalline water make it an amazing experience. But there is so much more to enjoy. While Playa den bossa might not be the prettiest beach per se, there is an amazing amount of small hidden beaches around the island. Want to know where? Ask us! We’ll help you get around the island and will show you the best spots only the islanders know about. 


Not only that, Ibiza has an amazing culture. With its many little villages (composed of only a church, a bar and a house), the island has so much more to show you. Its old city of Dalt Vila is World Heritage since 1999 and has been through a lot, from pirates to Romans. For the active ones around, there are hiking and cyling trails all around (very clearly indicated). 

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